Monday, September 26, 2011

books from fall :

speaking of fall, here are some books that remind me of the happier days when i would go to Fresh Market after school, watch Oprah and then read that night. (unless my mom was reading to me) Most of these book I read when i was in like 5th grade. Sadly, I probably read more when I was younger than i do I have to worry about getting good grades and shizz. Whatevs. Here they are :
My mom read this to me probably twice a year.

This book is honestly a classic in my book (HA was that a pun?) My dad read it to me every Halloween and it was so inspirational. There is one dog who is a weiner dog and he dresses up as a hotdog for Halloween and all the other dogs make fun of him because he is oddly shaped or whatever. Anyway Oscar? (that may have actually been his name?) is lonely because he has no friends and no one to trick-or-treat with on Halloween :( Anyway, all the neighborhood cats decide to scare the other dogs and they all get so scared that they jump into the water and they all suck at swiming (I think this is how the story went) anywayy Oscar has a great raft shaped body/costume so he jumps in and saves all the dogs and then at the end they all share their Halloween candy and everyone sings Coom by ya ? ! Great Book.

No lie, I read these and the Goosebumps books religiously!

This is another one of those AMAZING books that I have probably read 200 times. Its about a pig who lives in a city but has always dreamed of going west. So he goes to Arizona and meets a horse who he decides to become friends with, they become besties and do pretty much everything together. It is suchhh a cute story and the drawings are AMAZING! It is also based on a true story..well kinda...the horse and pig actually exist I don't know if they line dance together in Real Life but its nice to think so.

My dad has tons of these types of books and oodly I like them. I feel so smart when I read them. And have you ever noticed that after you learn a new word you start hearing/noticing it all the in movies, real life, books... it's legit crazy. 

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