Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inspirational Story

So this weekend, well Saturday, My little brother Connor got to scrimage during a college football game halftime. There is a kid on his team named Jackson who has a deformity in his legs. This makes it very hard for him to run or even to stand up for long periods of time. Even though Jackson has these issues and knows he will get very little playing time, and most likely never be as good as the other kids, he still dresses out for every single game and never misses a practice. Anyway during the scrimage the coaches decided to let Jackson play which he was super excited about. I got special access onto the field to take pictures for my brother and for Jackson's mom! I took so really cute pictures and would have probably gotten even better ones if I had a super long lense!  Jackson was very happy and actually did a pretty decent job! I'm still waiting for the day the coaches let him play and he makes a winning pass or something...because it will happen!! Anywayyy here are some pictures :

Here is Jackson going onto the field! I was really lucky that I got to stand as close as I did! It was pretty much just me and the coaches...I was on the ground most of the time though, and by the end of the game or scrimage or whatever my knees were all wet and gross....it was so worth it though...I got some really nice pictures.
This is the team huddling up before the scrimmage! Below is my brother Connor after the game! I took so many pictures....I'm sure that by this picture he was sick of it. After the game though we went to the Wawa across the street (the busiest Wawa in the world according to studies) and got oreo shakes on the 'regular thickness setting'

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