Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PeaceFrogs Photoshooot

So this weekend I got to be in the photoshoot for the upcoming Peace Frogs catalog! This little hipster frog is so freakin cool. The photoshoot was pretty awesome, it was in Gloucester and we got to wear bands around our heads like hippies and were directed to pose as if we were on a "60's album cover" which is always nice. Apparently I didn't smile enough because the photographer Patrick would say "Everyone smile.....Morgan that means you to." I think my bone structure in my face makes me just look not happy I guess.....that probably makes no sense but its what I'm going with....whatever. Patrick used sweet lenses though to shoot the photos since we were going for a retro vibe. He used these huge wide angle and fisheye lenses that distorted most of my body but made killer photos. I got to keep some pants with little Easter Island men and a bright orange sweatshirt with a peacfrog on it. scoree

Allright so here we are sitting on the fence...obviously. We wore these sweet bands on our heads that were originally meant to be worne on polo hats. 

Above I am wearing my hair band!
To the right : Me and my girrrl Carmen waiting to start the photoshoooot! whoohoo ahahah we had to wait inside because it was rainy and cold outside...

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