Sunday, September 25, 2011

welcome back dance

so last night was our schools welcome back dance. We were lectured beforehand about "suggestive dancing" and how it was only appropriate to dance "front to front" which ended up being waay worse....I don't know how the teachers didn't figure that one out before. Anyway before the dance most of our grade went to an Italian restaurant called Carabas.. to eat...obviously. It was pretty cool...the spaghetti was hella good. The freshmen at our school were in charged of the dance and it actually looked pretty good. The theme was a 'black out' and there were neon balloons,streamers,strobe lights and black lights. I was pretty surprised at the amount of people was definitely more people than the usual. The music was pretty random country songs. Teachers were breaking kids up who were dancing "inappropriately" but others were dancing and taking pictures with us....goes to show private schools aren't too crazy. I turned my iso down on my camera so it took longer for it to gather light...I got some pretty sweet pictures. After the dance me, olivia, shelton, dia, and kara all went with my dad to Harris teeter and bought some gummy bears and food and shit. it was a pretty cool night and the neon looking pictures make it look waaay cooler then it was. which is cool.
Me and Olivia.

                                                       Dia, Hollis, & Shelton.

                                Me, Olivia and Dia.... I dont know why the quality on these is so bad....they don't look this bad on my camera or on
the pictures make it look like we were at some awesome rave....

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