Monday, September 26, 2011

my birthday is soon..fall sort of allready grocery store is gone...Oprah left me is over

allright so today I realized this is the last Monday of me being 15....I don't even know if that made sense...I also realized that fall has pretty much all ready started....
 1) I really don't want to be 16. I wish I was turning 14 or 15 or something. ehh.
 2) Fall better not suck this year.
     ~Now that one of my favorite cute little small homey grocery stores moved to a new location (not next to the used book store where it used to be!!!!) and not close to my school I hate it. The new one is to big and looks like wall mart. (exaggeration) The new one does not have the homey feel, the candy section, the free sugar cookies, the pumpkins, or the spice isle (which smelled amazing and looked like bags of drugs)! The new one is not next to the used bookstore, The Lemon Twist, The Coffee Shop, or Kinks Quirks and Caffeine! So basically the new one is ruining my after school fall/autumn vibes. I used to be able to walk there after school. My family went there ever Thanksgiving/Christmas together to buy turkey, pumpkin pie, and pretty much everything else. In front of the old Fresh market lived a man in a trailer who set up rows of Christmas trees every year. We bought our Christmas tree from that man every year after we got our food from Fresh Market. Even though the grocery store was small it was special. (yes... I am still talking about a grocery store..) I remember waiting in looong lines for pumpkin pie (that stuff went like hott cakes....or well like pumpkin pie I guess?) and it was nearly impossible to leave the grocery store without seeing people you knew. Teachers, neighbors, people you knew but didn't actually know and family (small town here...). Anywayyy, in conclusion I wish the store would have stayed small and stuck with it's loyal customers. bleh.
     ~ Another reason fall might suck this year: OPRAH IS GONE! Every day after school I would come home and count on the fact that from 4 to 5 I didn't have to worry about homework or really anything. No matter who or what was on the episode it was always intersting. It is so weird coming home from school and not asking my mom "Whats on Oprah today?". So yeah...Oprah left me

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